• Waking Vision ~ Fulfilling Action

    a program for Women




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  • "Women who are called to make change happen are the greatest gift to our world today.

    Taking the time to focus

    on what really matters for these women

    inevitably unfolds into the

    unexpected, unpredictable and yet

    deeply desired."

    Shirley Brown

    A three Month program including:

    Four Course-Room Sessions


    Intensive, fun and powerful


    Held every 4 to 6 weeks these four in-person sessions provide the right questions and exercises to allow participants to gain clarity on what is most important in their life. With this clarity and the program's coaching structure needed actions become not only apparent but resistance to taking the actions falls away. Participants, step by step make changes needed to have life become aligned with their unique core values and calling.


    With a profound relationship to one's core values and the tools needed to navigate life so as to honor them, participants then tend to their long-term future. How do you want your life to be in your elder years? What does your community look like? What does it rely on you for and how are your days spent? The answers to these questions have a life-altering impact on choices and actions taken each and every day from this day on-ward.

    Weekly Group Coaching Sessions


    Supportive and Dedicated to Your Accomplishments

    and Your Calling.


    Throughout the program there will be group coaching sessions

    where we gather together to continue to explore the materials from the in-person session.

    This time is used to listen, provide accountability and

    deepen the material of the in-person sessions.

    You are given a number to call and an access code.


    3 Personal Coaching Sessions

    Scheduled at a time that works for you


    Working with a masterful coach to focus in on the results that matter most to you.


    In between each of the Course Room Sessions you will receive a personal coaching session with Shirley. These sessions are like rocket packets placed strategically throughout the program. The focus of content is you, your life and what you are wanting to have happen.

  • Program Investment $975

    Payment arrangements provided

    Some Scholarships are available

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  • Shirley Brown

    Certified Professional Coach

    Unwavering in her commitment that people live life from what matters most to them, Shirley brings unique skills from thirty years and thousands of hours of experience in working with groups and individuals. She designs programs and offers coaching sessions which skillfully guide people toward the realization of their dreams. A game changer, Shirley is known as "The one you want on your team.".


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